Simple ways to take care of your Rottweiler Puppies…

First things first – Socialize and Train your Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweilers are intelligent and faithful dogs that are very close to their owners. Although this breed is known to be powerful and may seem intimidating, Rottweiler is not necessarily aggressive if they are imparted proper socialization and training. It is essential to socialize and mix around your Rottweiler puppy with children, other animals and people at a young age. Be prepared to train your dog for a solid one year if you want him / her to be a well-behaved, productive member of society.

Keep maintenance tools readily available at home

Keeps things like electric dog Clippers, dog behavior books, dog balls, dog beds, dog bones, dog brushes, dog collars, dog conditioner , dog dishes, dog flea/tick control medication, dog grooming sprays, dog leashes, dog Shampoo, dog training aids, dog training leashes/collars, dog shampoo and flying discs at home.

Practice preventative health maintenance

Vaccinate your Rottweiler Puppy and follow up with your veterinarian and yearly booster vaccinations to maintain the dog’s immunity to diseases. Worm the adult rottweiler at least every three months and consult with your veterinarian about de-fleeing products. Always feed your Rottweiler high-quality dog food comprised of natural high quality proteins. The first ingredient should be meat if you want a good product. Crude protein should be not less than 30 percent and crude fat should be not less than 20 percent. Keep this mind, to keep your Rottweiler healthy and fit.

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