Know the signs of common Rottweiler Puppies allergies…

Common Rottweiler Puppies Allergies

Most of the pet owners today are concerned with questions like are shih tzu hypoallergenic? And does dog saliva cause acne? Among other questions, which is why many celebrity dog trainers and stylists have taken onto themselves to resolve such doubts.

Rottweilers are prone to seasonal allergies such as pollen and weeds or other particles such as dust mites and mold. Flea saliva is another cause of Rottweiler Puppies allergies, as they are very sensitive to the protein in the saliva and the allergic reaction comes from the flea bite.  Just like us, they can be allergic to certain shampoos, household cleaners and chemical garden products.

Common symptoms of Rottweiler Puppies allergies

The symptoms that a rottweiler puppy will display when affected from an allergy may include excessive itching or scratching, constant head shaking or pawing, skin irritations or rashes and patchy hair loss. Less regular symptoms are vomiting, discharge from the eyes or nose, flatulence, coughing and scaly or flaky skin. Some rottweiler puppies may show behavioral problems stemming from their allergic reaction, but this is quite rare. If there some signs that your dog becomes aggressive or does not follow your commands, make sure you walk it in a muzzle as dog bites can cause lasting injuries.

It is compulsory to work out what is causing your Rottweiler’s allergy.  A flea allergy is easy to find by checking his / her coat for fleas, and this can then be treated with a preventative application of an adequate product.  An inhalant allergy can be established through allergy skin tests administered by your rottie’s vet.  If you think that the allergy is caused by the puppies diet, when feeding your dog try an elimination diet or switching to a hypoallergenic dog food may help.

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