Rottie Puppies- A Child’s Best Friend

Little Asa and Mr. Blue

Rottie Puppies and Children are a Perfect Combination!!

We get a lot of questions from people with concerns about introducing a new rottie puppy into a home with small children.  It occurred to us that there seems to be a common misconception out there that a lot of work and training is required in order for a rottweiler puppy to acclimate to life with children.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!!  Now bear in mind, that we are experienced with, and therfore talking specifically about, well bred german rotties..  It is worth noting that part of the problem is that there are tons of backyard rottie breeders out there flooding the world with breeding’s comprised of dogs whose temperaments are unsuitable for breeding.  We have taken the time to put together the following points for people to take into consideration when purchasing a rottie puppy for sale in hopes of helping individuals find a puppy that will be their children’s new best friend.

  • The FCI International rottweiler breed standard actually makes a point of stating in the temperament description that a rottweiler is to “love children”.  If you purchase a puppy from a reputable rottie breeder they will have breeding stock that possesses this all important trait.  The parents and lineage behind the parents determines the future temperament of your future family member!
  • Imprinting and socialization are imperative!! Reputable rottie breeders will begin this imprinting from day one.  Puppy imprinting is the all important process of putting our fingers inside the mouths of the puppies and allowing them to associate the smell and taste of humans as trusted company from the start.  Socialization with children and other animals inside the kennel begins at the age of three and a half weeks old when the puppies have gained their full vision and are pretty mobile.
  • Make sure that you know the Volhard Puppy Apptitude Test score of your puppy so that you will know the mental makeup of your rottie puppy before he reaches one hundred pounds.  If the test scores show a tendency towards certain personality traits like prey drive (which is a great trait), you will want to train the puppy as it grows to discern the kids toys and the kids unpredictable movements as play and not prey!  It is that simple…  A properly timed “Nein” or No is all it takes with these incredibly intellectual animals!
  • Exercise your rottie puppy!! Rottweilers have energy needs that need to be met as a release.  Now this doesn’t mean that you have to turn into a professional dog exerciser.  If you have a backyard and a ball and 10 to 15 minutes a day you will be fine.  Don’t have a backyard??  Take your puppy for a walk daily!  It is good for you and allows the dogs to get rid of excess energy.
  • Provide your puppy with a toy for mental stimulation!  Chewing toys are also great for releasing energy through the mouth.  Toys can amaze rottie puppies for hours on end, and allow the mental exercise needed for the breed.  With rottie puppies, as with humans, idle minds are trouble…
Aeva Lee with a swarm of rottie pups

Rottie pups are a girls best friend...


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