Rottweiler Breeder- March 2011 German Rottweiler Stud Dog Of The Month

INT CH DT.VDH CH Quaid Vom Hause Enzian
INT CH Quaid Vom Hause Enzian -One of the foundations of our breeding program


Quaid Vom Hause Enzian

  • LUX-CH   Belgium KS ’07
  • USRC Regional Seiger
  • USRC Best Stud Male 09 Nationals
  • SchH/VPG III   AD BH
  • ZtP HD-  ED-

It is only fitting that we assign the first month’s german rottweiler stud dog of the month award to INT CH Quaid Vom Hause Enzian.  Quaid plays a huge role in our german rottweiler breeder program, with offspring Enoch, Empira, and Esprit Vom Schutzlowen-Blut, as well as Diesel Vom Flood carrying the torch for Vom Schutzlowen-Blut into the future.  We now know that Quaid’s offspring are also dominant producers, having seen Diesel produce himself, and his father, consistently over several litters.

Notable Characteristics Of Quaid Vom Hause Enzian

  • Quaid is owned by our good friends, Robert and Sue Flood at Vom Flood Rottweilers.
  • He is harmoniously put together despite being as wide as a mack truck and having and enormous, overpowering head.  He moves with ease and has a full, reaching gait.
  • In our opinion, Quaid is the finest Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand son in the world today.  He is a far more consistent producer of conformation AND working german rottweiler puppies than his brother, Dandy Vom Hause Neubrand.
  • Quaid produces 100 percent of the time consistently from the top of the litter to the bottom.  If you don’t believe us, breed to him and then try to decide which puppy to keep.  It’s almost impossible!!
  • Quaid throws incredible markings that look like they were drawn on with a marker… every time!
  • And most importantly, Quaid Vom Hause Enzian throws the clear headed temperment that he is known for worldwide consistently to his german rottweiler puppies.  All four of our Quaid offspring have on/off switches that make playing with Little Asa and Aeva Lee a joy!


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