Do Purebred German Rottweiler Puppies Go Well With Families?

Rottweiler Puppies and your children

It is unfortunate that Rottweiler puppies have seemed to develop a less than favorable reputation as a fun, safe, lovable family pet. However, the only reason this reputation was developed in the first place is due to bad owners and non-reputable breeders, those who wouldn’t even get Dog Grooming Houston Tx services for their dogs.

Rottweiler Puppies in family situations

The fact of the matter is that Rottweiler puppies are more comfortable in family situations, including those with small children. Not only are purebred German Rottweiler puppies easily acclimated to family life, they will grow to defend the family from danger as well. They’re like your personal, well-trained bodyguard!

This is of course mainly because of their breed. A dog’s breed will have a large influence on a dogs personality and disposition. Another great example of a guarding breed of dog is the South African Boerboel. It was trained and bred over many years to guard large portions of land, like farms. Nowadays they make for great guard dogs at home. The type of dogs that will feel right at home at any loving household while at the same time guarding it from strangers and external harm. If your aim is to feel safe knowing you have an extra set of eyes (and a nose!) on the lookout for any intruders then consider this breed.

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