Adding purpose to your new German Rottweiler Puppies life

The Rottweiler form is the same, but the function has changed

You may not know it by looking at the stocky, tough exterior of the average Rottweiler, but they were originally bred for herding livestock. Unlike Border Collies, Aussie Shepherds and other typical herding breeds we see today, the Rottweiler used its intimidating wiles to will livestock in the direction they wanted them to go.

Regardless of the purpose of new German Rottweiler Puppies, or at least what the dog was used for many years ago, German Rottweilers are just eager to please. Whether you’re living in the heart of Midtown Atlanta or you are in a suburban area, you and your Rottweiler puppy will have plenty of things to do.

Provide your Rottweiler Puppy with a regular exercise routine that he/she can view as his/her job

It’s important to remember that purebred German Rottweiler puppies have an innate need to work, so make sure you exercise your Rottie puppy frequently and stimulate its mind by teaching it new tricks. Another good way to make your dog feel like its working is appeal to its need to pull things by getting a doggie backpack and weighing it down with some soup cans or bottles of water. This way the dog will feel like it’s doing something important!

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