Rottweiler Puppy Imprinting- The Foundation

Through our extensive research of the subject, and over forty years kennel experience, we believe that we have come up with the perfect routine to enable our German rottweiler kennel to condition our german rottweiler puppies to be obedient to humans without breaking their spirit.

  • It is very important to know how far to go with the German rottweiler imprinting process so that you do not suppress any of the rottweiler puppies individual personality traits, while still managing to achieve the optimal conditioning results.
  • Imprinting is a simple and non invasive way to achieve these desired results without the rottweiler puppy even knowing that it is being trained.
  • What the German rottweiler puppies see as daily playful games, are actually valuable life lessons that they are learning at their own pace each day.

We feel that German rottweiler breeder’s have a responsibility to take the time to teach each rottweiler puppy these valuable lessons, thereby setting the proper foundation for the rottweiler puppy’s education from its future owners.

  • All of our German rottweiler puppies are socialized well with other animals and with our children from the age of three or four weeks old until they go to their new homes.
  • This provides our customer’s a well socialized, confident, happy German rottweiler puppy from day one.
  • We constantly hear from our new owners that they are blown away by their new Rottweiler puppies calm, confident, and loving personality from the very second that they come out of the crate and meet them.

We can’t help but take great pride in telling our customers that we have worked towards their puppy’s foundation since the day that he or she was born, and we feel confident that their new German Rottweiler puppy is ready to continue the learning process with them from here on out. You can consider to buy a Goldendoodle breeders TN, you can take a great care in matching you with the right puppy.

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