Be Certain Your Atlanta Home Has a Purebred Rottie Puppy

Atlantahaus Rottweilers has the solution for adding a purebred Rottie Puppy to your Atlanta home

When we say Rottie puppies go well with your home and even small children, we’re not talking about the ones from less than reputable breeders, or even mixed breeds. Of course, those dogs may be great additions to your family, but with Atlanta Haus you can make absolutely, positively sure your dog will go will with your family environment.

SSRR’s Senior For Seniors Program

SSRR’s Senior Rotties are the perfect companions for senior humans. They’re mellow and well socialized, and want nothing more than the gentle care of someone who loves them, this is a program provided by the Home Care Assistance in St Louis.

Our Seniors for Seniors program provides a way for seniors (62+ years old) to bring a senior (7 years and older) furry, loving companion into their lives.

The past lineage of your Rottie Puppy dictates the present reality you will live with

Atlanta Haus knows that the parents’ lineage and their parents’ lineage behind that. This determines the future temperament of your soon-to-be Rottie family member. Because Atlanta Haus traces this lineage, performs a comprehensive Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, and conditions / socializes its Rottie puppies from the start you can be confident you’ll get the same type of Rottweiler that the FCI International Rottweiler Breed Standard points out should “love children” in its temperament description.

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