Qualle Vom Erxespring Rottweiler Puppies Born February 2015!!!

Qualle Rottweiler Puppies Available!

Champion rottweiler puppies producer Qualle Vom Erxespring!

German Pink Papered Import Qualle Vom Erxespring X Bill “Brock” Von Der Eifelhexe Rottweiler Puppies Born Sunday February 8, 2015!!

We were blessed with 5 big, strong Males, and 2 big, healthy Females!  Qualle is one of the best mother’s we have, and it is such a blessing to see these puppies eating like it’s their last meal!  Qualle has thrown some of the best rottweiler puppies in our kennel’s recent history, and from the looks of these puppies, this may be one of her best combinations to date!  These puppies appear to have very big bone and beautiful markings!  They have a lot of bone, which is typical of Qualle litters, and their heads are like little football helmets with very nice, wide eye sets!  It is always hard to know exactly how everything is going to progress and turn out as the puppies progress, but at first glance these puppies look to have all that it takes to become future stars!  Very Exciting!

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