Rottweiler Puppies: Great Children-Friendly Pets

Our Rottweiler Puppies are our children’s babysitters and best friends

At first glance a Rottweiler dog in excess of 100 pounds towering over a little toddler may not seem like the safest idea, but when it comes to a purebred 100% German Championship ADRK Rottweiler, it’s called a babysitter! First I read on this website about having that type of dog and learned some tips and I ended up getting convinced of getting it.

Rottweiler puppies are inherently protective so one of the best things about having a guard breed around your toddler is the safety you will feel. Your Rottweiler will protect and ward off any ill-willing strangers and also protect it from other animals if need be.

Rottweiler Puppy Testing is the key to the right friend for your family

The way we make absolutely sure that our Rottweiler puppies will get along with your children is because at AtlantaHaus we have our own toddlers and each puppy out of a litter must be able to so they can play around our children as well. If your puppy is afraid from loud noises it can be caused by some kind of anxiety that you need to treat. That, combined with our Volhard Rottweiler Puppy Aptitude Test, over 40 years of kennel experience, and imprinting (training the dog to be obedient toward humans without breaking its spirit) ensures that your puppy will be the perfect compliment to your family and your small children.

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